iyai class of 2019


Infrastructure Leaders, Innovators, Skilled Workforce, Entrepreneurs …”Community-Builders”

Adriana Mendez

Adriana Mendez  is a rising 11th grader born May 15, 2003 in Washington, DC. Adriana began her TransSTEM career in the 8th grade. In middle school, she took courses in STEM that introduced her to a broad spectrum of STEM fields and activities. In the 9th grade, she successfully completed Introduction to Technology, learning basic computer skills and being introduced to different applications, to increase the ease of access with technology. Currently, Adriana has actively volunteered as a student leader on field trips and school events within the TransSTEM Academy.

Aida Hilaire

Aida Hilaire was born and raised in the Silver Spring, Maryland area. Ms. Hilaire is a rising junior in the TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus. At age sixteen, she has completed three TransSTEM classes including, two Engineering and one Electro-Mechanical. Working in the TransSTEM Academy has allowed her to have door-opening opportunities such as meeting new people to network and collaborate with, shedding light on new career options, and learning new life and career skills. So far in her High School career, she has operated as a personal assistant to Directors, Highly Effective Educators, and Athletic Trainers, with student-focused assignments to increase their success within the educational environment at Cardozo Education Campus. 

Angelo Aguilar

Angelo Aguilar born July 19, 2003, is a rising junior within the TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus, in Washington, DC. Angelo is 15 years old and is expected to do extraordinary things! Angelo has completed TransSTEM Academy classes such as Mechanical Engineering, Flight & Space, and Introduction to Engineering. His favorite class within the TransSTEM Academy is Mechanical Engineering because he likes to create new things, work with his hands, and see the results of his efforts. 

Auntonio Bell

Auntonio Bell is a native of Maryland. He is 17 years old and a rising 11th grader at Cardozo Education Campus. The TransSTEM class that he has attended is Electro-Mechanical Engineering. His favorite parts of the class were the hands on activities that included programming robots and coding.  Auntonio is interested in becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own businesses in advertising clothes and in designing video games.

Brenda Guerrero

Brenda Guerrero was born on June 3, 2002 in Washington, DC. She is 17 years old and a rising 11th grader at Cardozo Education Campus. Brenda began her TransSTEM career in the 8th grade where she took her first STEM course and learned coding on the computer. In High School, Brenda advanced to a technology course where she enhanced her computer skills. Brenda is a member of the TransSTEM Academy and actively participates in professional development field trips and workshops. 

Calvin Ngo

Calvin Ngo was born in Washington, DC and is 16 years old. Calvin is Chinese, Vietnamese and Black. He is a rising senior at Cardozo Education Campus.  He is a member of the Air Force JROTC (AFJROTC) and is learning how to fly planes. Calvin is the deputy commander for his AFJROTC program and leads the Color Guard and Drill Team in numerous events. 

Calvin plans to be an infantryman in either the Army or Marines and will pursue a degree in Astrophysics or General Physics during his service. Calvin also has a love for languages being fluent in not only English, but also French and Vietnamese. He is proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish.

Christopher Villata

Christopher Villata was born on May 3, 2003 and is from Washington, DC. He is 16 years old and is a rising 11th grader at Cardozo Education Campus. Christopher started taking computer classes in middle school and has since developed a passion for computer technology. Christopher intends on pursuing a career in computer science or information technology. 

Demarrie Walker

Demarrie Walker, born on the 24th of August in 2003, is a rising junior within The TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus, in Washington DC.  He is a native Washingtonian, living in the Northwest area.  When Demarrie was in the 8th grade, he was exposed to the TransSTEM Program, undergoing a Flight & Space class within the only FLEX ACE Lab in the City!  Now, he is looking forward to better career opportunities and being an active member of the TransSTEM Academy. 

Donnella Brown-Duhart

Donnella Brown-Duhart, born May 9, 2003, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a rising 11th grader within the TransSTEM Academy, at Cardozo Education Campus in Washington, DC.  She completed her first TransSTEM class, Introduction to Engineering Design, during her sophomore year, but her work in STEM did not start there. In middle school, Donnella completed engineering classes until she moved to Washington, DC.  From there, she joined an after school program “After School All-Stars” where she went to a 5-day STEM camp creating an app with a group of students from other After School All-Star sites on the east coast. Donnella works part time for her cousin’s company, operating technical engineering software and hardware.

Erick Robinson

Erick Robinson, born in Washington, DC, is a 16-year-old rising 11th grader within the TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus. He entered the TransSTEM Academy in middle school studying under Project Lead the Way’s Gateway curriculum, successfully completing the Design & Modeling class with honors. Erick also completed Flight & Space in the Flex-Ace Lab. During his freshman year, Erick successfully completed Electro-Mechanical I. The math component within TransSTEM has always been a strength for Erick. He has successfully completed higher level math classes, beginning in middle school, because of his strong mathematical abilities. Erick is skilled in conceptual understanding and analytical processing.

Eyerusalem Assefa

Eyerusalem Assefa is 16 years old and is a rising 12th grader within the TransSTEM Academy, at Cardozo Education Campus in Washington, DC. Originally from Ethiopia, she entered the United States only three years ago; and, English is her second language. Eyerusalem completed AP Computer Science within the TransSTEM Academy. She plans to be a pharmacist because she believes to be a pharmacist is one way to help and to ensure patients properly take their medications and avoid any harmful effects.

Herbert Belton

Herbert Belton, born January 17, 2002, is a rising 12th grader at Cardozo Education Campus in Washington, DC.  Herbert was born and raised in Washington, DC.  He has completed two TransSTEM classes, Electronics and Electro-Machanical Engineering.  In Herbert’s early life, he grew up playing sports in the neighborhood.  When he entered high school, he started taking basketball seriously with the goals to go to college and potentially the NBA.  Herbert is a member of elite camps and on an AAU basketball travel team. He is also now working for the TransSTEM Academy thanks to Miss Rodgers, the Director of the TransSTEM program.

Jonathan Alvarenga

Jonathan Alvarenga is a rising 11th grader within the TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus in Washington, DC.  He is from Honduras and is 16 years old. He loves math which is one of his favorite subjects along with his Electro-Mechanical: Direct Current class. Jonathan likes to play football and hopes to play professionally. He is also interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or medicine. He is on the football and baseball teams at Cardozo.  And, Jonathan enjoys helping his mother at her restaurant after practices.

Joseph Respects-Nothing

Joseph Respects-Nothing  is a member of the TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus. He is 17 years old and an upcoming 12th grader.  Joseph was born in Pine Ridge, SD but he was raised in Colorado for 12 years. He has participated in football, baseball, and swimming during his high school experience. The one sport that has stuck with him is baseball. He has been playing this sport for years and it has become a lifestyle that he has been living since he was young. Joseph has been a part of five (5) teams since he was 11 years old. Ever since he was a little boy, he has aspired to become a professional athlete and play for his favorite team, The Colorado Rockies.  After he graduates, he plans to go into the Navy or Air Force. Joseph also has an interest in becoming a pilot. He has several family members that are or were pilots in the military.

Michael Moates

Michael Moates is from Washington, DC.  He is 15 years old and a rising 11th grader at Cardozo Education Campus. Michael has been a member of TransSTEM Academy since middle school taking Project Lead the Way’s Gateway Design & Modeling class.  In 8th grade, He took a Flight and Space class and in his freshman year of high school, he enrolled in Electro Mechanical Technology.

Nayeli Zapata

Nayeli Zapata, born in the Dominican Republic, is 16 years old. She is a rising senior within the TransSTEM Academy, at Cardozo Education Campus. Nayeli immigrated to the United States when she was 12 years old. She is an athlete at Cardozo Education Campus and practices team sports such as volleyball, basketball, flag football, tennis, bowling and golf. Nayeli is bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English. She volunteers to support teachers and staff at parents/teacher conferences; she serves as a translator and escorts parents. Nayeli is the Team Captain for the peer leader program at Cardozo. She was a member of the Student Government Association and is a member of the National Honor Society. She served on the panel to select the Principal for Cardozo Education Campus in 2019. Nayeli is planning to attend a four year university to become a Criminal Justice Lawyer.

Okeino Gordon

Okeino Gordon, originally from Mandeville, Jamaica, will be 17 years old in December.  Okeino is a rising junior within the TransSTEM Academy at Cardozo Education Campus, in Washington DC.  He completed two Project Lead the Way classes, which were Flight & Space and Introduction to Engineering. Okeino is looking forward to taking Pre-Calculus, which is a class for Seniors. Because of his high mathematical scores and interest, he earned placement in advanced classes. Okeino is also an athlete, who is a Running Back for the Cardozo Clerks Football team. Okeino Gordon is very flexible and a well-rounded student athlete with his eye on the prize! 

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