Infrastructure Careers Summer Pilot Program

Iyai+ and Cardozo conducted a TransSTEM Academy tour and informational briefing in December 2018 to introduce its Summer Youth Infrastructure Career Gateways Program plans for students entering 11th and 12th grade.  The Summer pilot program will provide an introduction to infrastructure careers across the nation’s critical lifeline sectors – transportation, water/wastewater systems, energy, and communications – in conjunction with tech-readiness support and exposure to the importance of the advanced manufacturing sector.

The program includes classroom instruction, industry speakers, and offsite tours, sustainability and environmental content that helps students to better understand the interconnectedness of our nation’s infrastructure to societal impacts and outcomes; emphasis on the importance tech-readiness, BUG data, and cybersecurity in today’s world; and, as importantly, builds in real-world community-based application of classroom activities.

Through this introduction, the primary deliverable is to develop and successfully implement the first phase of a Senior High School level introductory infrastructure careers program that can be easily customized for communities of all sizes. Please contact Bev Scott at for ways to support this exciting initiative!