Student Scholarships to Colegio Sagrada Familia

At the 2018 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Annual meeting, Iyai+, the Rising Stars Foundation (an iyai+ Partner)presented a Puerto Rico Transit Recovery & Humanitarian Relief Update in coordination with longstanding APTA Business member, ACI-Herzog, including updates by Federal Transit Administration, Region IV (Dr. Yvette Taylor and Robert Buckley, AICP) regarding the Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program.

The Rising Stars Foundation and ACI-Herzog, Puerto Rico’s Tren Urbano rail operator have been working together for close to a decade to provide educational opportunities for at-risk children from low-income families at the Colegio Sagrada Familia elementary school in the Lorens Torres community of San Juan, which houses one of the largest public housing facilities in the Caribbean.

IYAI+ Founder Dr. Bev Scott and Rising Stars Board members, Jose Cruz and Jane Daly thank APTA members for their contributions to the Rising Stars Foundation for $17,500 in scholarships that provide funding for a student’s annual tuition plus three (3) nutritious daily meals.  To learn more about the Rising Stars Foundation, link to IYAI+ and the Rising Stars Foundation both emphasized the importance of community-based partnerships, resiliency and preparedness efforts during long-term recovery efforts.  Mr. Cruz gave a special thanks to Dr. Scott for her personal effort in helping to make this opportunity a reality.