Sustainable Mobility Careers Awareness

"Virtual Youth"




The Call for Local Organizers is September 2022 – October 31, 2022. Approximately 20 Local Sites are planned (first come, rolling basis). The “virtual” Onboarding Sessions (“live” and “recorded”) for Local Organizers will occur November - December 2022.

Once submitted we will review and advance Local Organizers, on a rolling basis in the order they are received. Upon receipt, if there are no questions by either Party, Iyai will immediately follow-up with a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

*Composition and Diversity of the Local Organizer Participant(s). 

Identify organizations that are a part of your Local Organizing Team, i.e., including the transport/mobility entities and associated critical infrastructure sectors, such as energy, technology, and critical manufacturing that will be actively engaged – public and private sector owner(s), operator(s), businesses, organized labor; local area education/workforce readiness providers; community-based and youth/family organizations. (We appreciate in this early stage, not all local partners and participating organizations will be identified.) Identify the participating local area transport/mobility organizations - owner(s), operator(s), business(es); organized labor; education/workforce readiness providers; community-based entities; “DEI” And Youth focused groups.

*Reason(s) for the Interest in Participation.

  1. What Program Elements and Outcomes are most important to you? 

*Estimated # of Total Youth Participants for your Local Area.

(Include a separate estimated # of Local Innovation Challenge Teams assuming a 4-7 member team size).

*Briefly describe your planned Youth Identification and Selection Method(s).

*Program Evaluation.

From your perspective, what is most important to you in assessing the benefit(s) and overall effectiveness of this Program?

*Name and Contact information for the Authorized Representative’s Primary Point-of-Contact for coordination with Iyai’s Program Manager.

I have reviewed and agree to follow the Local Organizer Guidelines for Iyai’s “Youth Career Awareness and Sustainable Mobility Innovation Challenge” ( No fee will be charged to Participating Youth. There is a $3,000 participation fee for each Local Organizer Team, payable within 30 calendar days of invoice receipt.

National 501(c)(3) nonprofit

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