Lewis K. Grisby, III (Tre’)

Board of Directors

He became a “gamer”, “coder”, and lifelong tech enthusiast in High School; and is passionate about the importance and value of connecting young people to the world of technology at an early age – particularly youth in high needs and underserved communities.  In his view, “communities of opportunity”. On a professional and personal level, his early introduction to the “tech world” has been transformative – resulting in a lifelong enthusiasm for continuous learning, sharing and deep engagement in the tech community. 

A strong proponent for “STEAM” education – including the arts, design, graphics – (for many a creative gateway to the sciences and mathematics), Lewis (Tre’) is a technology professional with 15-plus years of experience providing computer support services in the fast-paced infrastructure business environment (transportation and water/sewer utility sectors). 

Introducing, inspiring, engaging, and mentoring youth in the world of technology is the specific interest he brings to the iyai+ Board of Directors.  In his spare time, he works to develop complex applications and websites – “The Matrix RPG”, online RPG Convention “LUG Con”, Scheduling web app “Game Covenant”.  He is  very active in the Bay area community, i.e., Organizer of Berkeley Javascript Dojo Meetup, Co-Organizer of SF Node Meetup, a SunCode Solar Hackathon “People’s Choice” Award Winner; and is the Organizer of a monthly Shadowrun 5 Campaign that is now in its 4th year. 

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