Lewis K. Grisby, III (Tre’)

Board of Directors
(“Broken Path Shaman”)

Lifelong enthusiasm for connecting people by organizing community meetups in San Francisco and across the Bay Area. Sharing and networking with engineers, youth, and politicians. Inspiring others through actions like mentoring. Each of us has a duty to share our gifts so others can learn and towards careers they might never have realized possible.

Currently working in a global real estate company leading technical software and applications support. Always promoting cooperation and understanding through communication and personal responsibility.

Led Utility technology upgrades that helped maintain critical legacy systems. Managed installation of government infrastructure for almost two decades. Mission critical essential work from utility meters to heavy rail transportation facilities, equipment, and services. Improving logistics, business systems and processes for external and internal customers in the form of data that moves both wired and wirelessly.

A Computer Science degree from College America and undergraduate studies at Colorado State University helped me to be a successful Software Engineer Community organizer in Silicon Valley. Developed and sold Software as a technology consultant. Project Manager of Fort Collins early adopter smart infrastructure installation. Online Gaming organizer for TTRPGs (tabletop role playing games). Also, wrote and published “the Unofficial Matrix RPG”, a roleplaying game based on the movies starring Laurence Fishburne. Personally, practice as a Reiki Master, and qigong student. Referred to online as the “Broken Path Shaman”.

Both a personal and family commitment to a way of life with a focus on preservation of our environment. Starting with basic day to day actions that each of us can do to contribute – reducing, composting, recycling, re-using, and refusing whenever you can. And, anchored by 2 key principles – “sustainability” + “regeneration”. He is the proud husband of Naomi, an extraordinary life partner, businesswoman, writer, and artist. Together, they have 2 wonderful grown daughters and, “Oskar” – their lovable rescue dog of 8 years.

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