Linda Holcman


Linda Holcman, a global marketing executive, answers What’s Next? and delivers growth for b2b and b2c start-ups, mid-size companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Experienced in 24 countries, Linda adeptly navigates emerging and/or developed markets building opportunities across industries such as Technology, Media, and Consumer Product Goods industries.

Linda successfully turns ideas into reality and sales potential into realized revenue. Her expertise in driving growth result in expanding into new markets, increasing customer loyalty and share, and driving sales. She has generated incremental revenue in excess of $100M, developed integrated marketing campaigns increasing brand awareness +25%, and managed lead generation initiatives resulting in over $50M sales. Linda brings a strategic understanding and context to operational and tactical execution.
Prior to launching her consulting practice, Linda honed her marketing skills in leading Fortune 500 companies – The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble, Perry Ellis, and Lucent Technologies/Avaya Inc. In her practice, Linda has worked with rapidly growing firms and start-up ventures.
Linda holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS from Northeastern University. She is a lecturer and speaker in entrepreneurship, marketing, and global business development.

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