Theodore J. Basta, Jr. (Retired)

Founding Board of Directors

Mr. Theodore (Ted) Basta Jr. is a seasoned transit professional with over 44 years of experience in both transit operations and transit support services. He has served for over 25 years in senior and/or executive level positions while employed at the New York City, Atlanta and Boston transit systems, providing action orientated leadership in directing the delivery of agency-wide operational, administrative and technical support services.

In terms of direct operating experience, Ted was responsible for the daily delivery of bus service to between 50 and 100 million annual passengers as the General Manager over the Queens and Manhattan Divisions, respectively, while at the NYCTA. While in this role, Ted played a major role in initiating the use of analytics into the day-to-day management of the service delivery environment.

Specific to operations support activities, Ted has managed most of the administrative, technical and operational support service functions within transit while serving in the roles of the Vice President of Operations Support at NYCTA, the Chief of Business Support Services while in Atlanta (MARTA) and as the Chief of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation in Boston (MBTA). In these roles Ted managed a wide variety of departments, including those involved with Strategic Planning and Goals’ Development; Operating and Capital Budget Development; Contracts, Procurement and Materials; Human Resources; Training; Labor Relations; Route Planning and Schedules; DEO; Research and Development; Communications and External Affairs; Energy Management and Compliance; Information Technology; and Employee Availability. It is exactly this combination of operational and administrative transit experience that has led Ted to be recognized as one who excels in translating operational needs into staff support actions, while also allowing for the critical linkage of strategic goals and objectives to measurable outcomes.

Following his work at the MBTA, Ted founded the TJB Transit Consulting Services Group, and has completed a number of transit engagements on a variety of operational support and organizational based initiatives.

In 1971 Ted earned a BA degree with dual majors in History and Economics from the City University System of New York at Hunter College. Over his career, Ted has added to his formal professional development through course work and seminars in Finance, Statistics, Microeconomics, Labor Law, Strategic Modeling and Materials Management. He is also a past member of the NYC Urban League, the Carnegie Mellon International Transit Study Group and acts as the Point of Contact for Dr. Beverly Scott following her appointment to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council by President Obama in 2011.

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