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Introducing Youth toAmerican Infrastructure+

Investing in a 21st Century Workforce to Build and Sustain World Class Infrastructure for ALL Communities.

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Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Supporters:

Last year, we launched IYAI+ to help address the high-risk next generation workforce development challenges facing our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors – with specific emphasis on significantly increasing the participation of historically under-represented groups – people of color and women.

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Our Vision

Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure (iyai+) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, educating, and strengthening local community capacity by involving young people in active community engagement, problem-solving, and community service.

"Good" jobs and business opportunities for all are key to building world-class, 21st century infrastructure that will improve outcomes for All Americans. We are committed to improving outcomes for our most vulnerable youth and historically underutilized groups.

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Iyai Latest News

IYAI+ Board Member, Juanita Jones Abernathy, is remembered for her civil rights leadership and caring for those most in need, lifetime of extraordinary public service; and love for her family and community.

“Affectionately known as our “Mrs. A”, she was beyond a force of nature. A life of courage and giving back. And, a major part of our inspiration and work to bring civic participation and community-building by youth into their educational preparation and “life-readiness” experience.” (Bev Scott, Founder)

READ ABOUT how her inspiration and work continues as a part of the “My Beloved Community Transformative Justice Initiative”.


"Equity, Opportunity, and Inclusion" - Dr. Beverly Scott ↗

"Quality education, early exposure to possibilities, and continuous
learning are gateways to lifelong opportunity."

Why iyai+?

“People-readiness” is a high-risk challenge facing our nation’s critical infrastructure sectors. We need a MARSHALL PLAN with laser-focus on “best-in-class” infrastructure and technical education; workforce and youth entrepreneurship training, and skills development – including the arts and life success skills.As importantly, iyai+ is committed to introducing young people to active community engagement, problem-solving, and community service. 

People of color, women, and our most vulnerable youth continue to be significantly under-represented in employment and business opportunities across the critical infrastructure sectors. Unlocking this potential is part of the solution to improving outcomes for ALL Americans and advancing American competitiveness.

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Cardozo TransSTEM Academy and IYAI+ founder Dr. Beverly Scott

"Today, we have examples of good education and people development policies, programs, and initiatives across the critical infrastructure sectors -- but, they are largely siloed, fragmented, and sector-specific."


“It takes a community to raise a child.”iyai believes that families, schools, communities, and committed partners matter; and all need to be actively engaged in working to make a difference.

Why the "+"?

It’s about Values, Personal Responsibility, and Empowerment!

Caring about people and communities; advancing healthy, inclusive and equitable communities that are resilient and secure is lifetime work. That takes personal responsibility, serious civic engagement, and community empowerment.

Expand Interdisciplinary Partnerships

Building a powerful cross-sectoral network of committed private and public sector CEOs, educators, government, community, labor leaders, and philanthropy.

iyai+ will

1. Help identify, share, and expand what works – be smart.
2. Work to strengthen and build partnerships.
3. Support important research, data collection, meaningful metrics, and reporting on results.
4. Help to educate the general public and decision-makers on the critical importance and urgency of infrastructure investment in “people-readiness” at all levels.
5. Convene, communicate, help connect the dots, share the stories, and celebrate successes!

Excellence, Engagement & Innovation

A learning and sharing exchange for better and best practices in “STEAM / STEM” education – Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Mathematics.

~Develop youth entrepreneurial skills to prepare youth to start their own businesses.
~Emphasize on-the-job training, mentoring, and meaningful community engagement, problem solving, and civic participation opportunities.
~Introduce youth to the importance of the critical infrastructure sectors – starting with the lifeline transportation, energy, water/wastewater, and communications sectors coupled with the closely aligned advanced manufacturing sector – moving to the food/agriculture, healthcare/public health, and financial services sectors – which all directly impact people and communities of all sizes on a daily basis. Iyai+’s values – inclusivity/equity, sustainability, resilience, safety (including cyber security) are not a stand-alone, they are baked into the learning experience.


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"Turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s American infrastructure
leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and skilled workforce. "

Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure+

National 501(c)(3) nonprofit

"Equity, Opportunity, and Inclusion" - Dr. Beverly Scott
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